Advantages and Disadvantages of Digitalus CMS

IT is one of the fastest developing industries. Partly it is so because of a rise of the Internet. Internet-connected buyers and sellers. It widened products’ distribution. Each IT development has its portion of success.

Advantages of Digitalus content management system

Each innovation in IT sphere aims to optimize our life in a certain way. First content management system was developed in the last century. The aim of it was to make human’s activity more efficient.

The idea behind the software is very simple. It resolves a managerial problem: website content management. How does it work?

  • It is a software that permits many to administrate content on the a web-page.
  • It allows a user to create his own page. It is designed for the usage of everyone. You should not be IT master to create a webpage with this software.
  • It contributes to better managerial practices. Each business can have several administrators of a webpage. Each person gets a different level of access to content management. For multiple users, it is easier to modify the content than for the only one.
  • It is powered the way it becomes simple to create and administrate websites. There is no need to pay much to IT master. IT expenses are usually great at every company. Digitalus CMS is a fine way to minimize it.

Digitalus CMS offers some additional advantages.

  1. You can create pages in multiple languages. This software will easily translate material into a necessary language.
  2. It has great design features. When you design a content page, it is important it looks good. It should have all parameters considered. Digitalus CMS pays attention to details. You will be glad to see a final result of your work.
  3. Unique 960 grid. Thanks to it, it is easier to create templates of pages in higher quality and of various designs. Technically and design-wise it is a very classic software.

Disadvantages of Digitalus CMS

As any product, it has some disadvantages. There are not many, but they exist.

  1. Work with photos. It is a bit different from the way we are used to do it. In order to download a photo, you should download an URL address first. It does not impose many problems, but a user has to adapt. With Digitalus it will be hard to customize a photo. You will not be able to give it a different size, shape or to crop it.
  2. Digitalus supports not all modern content types. This can become a problem for a modern user.

Still, Digitalus is very competitive on the market today. It is a classic type of software. If you are looking for reliable content management system choose this one.